Status of eatStatic December 2014

This post was written 5 years ago.
Fri, 19 Dec 2014
Looking at this blog and the github repo, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I have given up on eatStatic. It's true to say that i'm not really pushing or promoting it for other people, but I still use it on my own stuff. In fact, having now seperated the core functionality into a drop-in library "eatStaticLib" and included it as a submodule, I tend to drop this library into most PHP projects that I work on so that I can take advantage of helpers such as:

echo eatStatic::block("about");

To render a block of markdown text as HTML, and other bits and pieces like that.

I haven't started any new blogs or websites recently, so i'm not even sure if i'd use eatStaticBlog myself for a new website, as there are so many excellent alternatives out there now (look at the grey ones, which are filesystem based dynamic systems rather then static file generators), though not all of them are open source.

I'll continue to use it for existing stuff for the foreseable future - there's a rudimentary admin interface in there now, allowing posts to be added and edited via the web if you don't want to or can't compose them in a text editor. No intructions how to set this up, in fact i'm not even sure myself (TODO: installation instructions).!

I'm also planning a system of invite-only posts/ topics - e.g. a way of using eatStaticBlog for a private travel blog for friends and family so that you can invite them via email to view your protected blog using a revokeable token (no conventional username/password without publishing your every movement to the public. But maybe this would be better as an add-on for another CMS?
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