eatStatic Image Cache working

This post was written 7 years ago.
Sun, 29 Apr 2012
As eatStatic was set up as a travel blog, I wanted a convenient way to include photos in blog posts at a sensible size (e.g. 600 pixels wide), without having to manually resize images uploaded from my camera. Also I wanted to be able to upload images which were already at the right size, without having to upload them via any kind of image library. Any image uploaded to a subfolder (e.g. "misc/sunset.jpg") of your data/images folder can be included in a post by referencing it as e.g. /images/misc/filename_600.jpg.

This uses PHP GD module to create a resized version of the image on demand and copy it to a corresponding subfolder in your images folder, including creating a subdirectory if necessary. This means that subsequent requests for the image are served up directly as a static file (delete it if you change the original and want it re-cached).

There is no special image tag available - use a standard HTML image tag to include an image in a post e.g:-

<img src="/images/misc/sunset_600.jpg" alt="sunset" />


There is also a gallery system available which will render a set of thumbnails for each image found in a sub folder named the same as the blog post - i'll document that seperately in another post.
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